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Mr. Pardoe at the New York Military Affairs Symposium 2007.

This clip is of Mr. Pardoe being interviewed by Bill O'Reilly

The following comes from Mr. Pardoe's mention on the floor of the U.S. Congress in 2009.  http://www.c-spanarchives.org/congress/?q=node/77531&appid=595182690

The following is a clip from The History Czar, an interview with Blaine Pardoe on Lost Eagles:  http://www.historyczar.com/mp3/historyczar120211.mp3


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November 10, 2010 Warbird Radio - Lost Eagles interview

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June 6, 2012, Albion Public Library

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October 9, Interview WBCK - The Murder of Maggie Hume

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October 10, Barnes & Noble Grand Rapids (book signing)

October 11, Barnes & Noble Battle Creek (book signing)

October 12, Battle Creek Historical Society - Lecture on the Murder of Maggie Hume

October 14, Ann Arbor Public Library Lecture, The Murder of Maggie Hume

During the Lost Eagles book tour - at the Battle Creek Historical Society.