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Bibliography: Blaine L. Pardoe

True Crime:
Secret Witness – University of Michigan Press (April 28, 2012)
Murder in Battle Creek:  The Sensational Murder of Daisy Zick, The History Press, (June 2013)
The Murder of Maggie Hume - Cold Case in Battle Creek, The History Press, (August 2014)
Sawney Bean - Dissecting the Legend of the Scottish Cannibal, FontHill Media, (January 2015)
The Original Battle Creek Crime King:  Adam "Pump" Arnold's Vile Reign, The History Press, (June 2016)

Military History (non-fiction):
The Cruise of the Sea Eagle, Lyons Press, (April 2005)
Terror of the Autumn Skies, Skyhorse Publishing, (July 2008)
Lost Eagles, University of Michigan Press.  (October 2010)
The Bad Boy:  Bert Hall Aviator and Mercenary of the Skies, Fonthill Media, (November 2012)
The Fires of October, The Cuban Missile Crisis that Never Was-The Invasion of Cuba and World War III, Fonthill Media, (October 2013)
Never Wars - The US Plans to Invade the World, Fonthill Media, (February 2015)

Business Management Books:

Cubicle Warfare, Prima Books, (Aug. 1997) (ISBN 0-7615-1066-4)
Business Rules:  The Cynic's Guidebook to the Corporate Overlords (July 2013)

Virginia Creeper – Hydra Publishing (June 2012) Horror

Highlander Gambit, Penguin Books, ROC, 1995 (ISBN 0451-45489-8)
Contributed to Star Lord, Penguin Books, ROC 1995 (ISBN 0-451-45386-7)
Impetus of War, Penguin Books, ROC 1996 (ISBN 0-451-4529-0)
Exodus Road, Penguin Books, ROC 1997 (ISBN 0-451-45634-3)
Roar of Honor, Penguin Books, ROC, 1999 (ISBN 0-451-45761-7)
Co-authored By Blood Betrayed, Penguin Books, ROC, 1999 (ISBN 0-451-45769-2)
Measure of a Hero, Penguin Books, ROC, 2000 (ISBN 0-451-45798-6)
The Call of Duty, Penguin Books, ROC 2001 (ISBN 0-451-45856-7)
Operation Audacity, Penguin Books, ROC, 2002 (ISBN 0-451-45885-0)
Target of Opportunity, Penguin Books, ROC, 2005
Surrender Your Dreams (MechWarrior) December 2006
Fire at Will (MechWarrior) September 2007
Betrayal of Ideals (BattleTech) August 2016

Computer Books:
BattleTech The Official Strategy Guide, Brady Games, 1994 (ISBN 1-56686-208-6)
Lemmings Chronicles, Brady Games, 1994 (ISBN 1-56686-245-0)
Wing Commander III Heart of the Tiger Strategy Guide, Brady Games 1995 (ISBN 1-56686-238-8)
Star Trek -- A Final Unity, Brady Games, 1995 (ISBN 90-395-0484-9)
MechWarrior 2 CD ROM Strategy Guide, Brady Books, 1995 (ISBN 1-56686-191-8)
Wing Commander IV The Price of Freedom, Brady Games 1996 (ISBN 1-56686-414-3)
Game and RPG Books:
The BattleTech Technical Readout 3025., FASA Corporation 1986.
Justifiers Second Edition StarChild Press
Axon Confrontation StarChild Press
Domination, StarChild Press 1989
Sabot and Laser, StarChild Press, 1989
More Tales From the Ether, the Mystery of Fort Dickerson 44-58 GDW 1989
Cranston Snord's Irregulars., FASA Corporation 1986
Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home Movie Supplement., FASA Corporation 1986.
Star Trek:  The Strider Incident., FASA Corporation 1987.
Sorenson's Sabers., FASA Corporation 1987.
Renegade Legions Fighter Recognition Manual, FASA Corporation, 1988
The Harbingers of Death., FASA Corporation, 1988
Satellite Down., GDW Games, 1988
RDF Manual., Palladium Books, 1987
Wolf Clan Sourcebook, FASA Corporation, 1991
Solaris – The Reaches, FASA Corporation, 1991
Legionnaire RPG, FASA Corporation, 1990
Clantroops, FASA Corporation, 1991
The Tessdrake Run, FASA Corporation, 1991
Star Trek, The Next Generation First Season Sourcebook, FASA Corporation, 1989
Mercenary’s Handbook 3055, FASA Corporation, 1993
Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 2, FASA Corporation, 1989
Bloodright, FASA Corporation 1992
MechWarrior RPG, Version 2, FASA Corporation, 1991
Rhonda’s Irregulars, FASA Corporation, 1991
BattleTech Compendium, FASA Corporation, 1991
Unbound, FASA Corporation, 1991
Fourth Succession War Scenario Pack, FASA Corporation, 1989
TOG Fighter Briefing, FASA Corporation, 1987
Renegade Legion Fighter Briefing, FASA Corporation, 1987
Shannedam County Sourcebook, FASA Corporation, 1991
Centurion Technical Update, FASA Corporation, 1992
Leviathan Capital Ship Briefing, FASA Corporation, 1992
Centurion Vehicle Briefing, FASA Corporation, 1988
BattleTech Technical Readout 3055, FASA Corporation, 1992
BattleTech Technical Readout 2750, FASA Corporation, 1989
BattleTech Technical Readout 3058, FASA Corporation, 1995
ComStar Sourcebook, FASA Corporation 1992
Night Brood – Silent Death, Iron Crown Enterprises, 1993
BattleTech Rules of Warfare, FASA Corporation, 1994
Living Legends, FASA Corporation, 1996
MechWarrior Companion, FASA Corporation 1996
Leviathans!  Catalyst Games Labs, 2012 

On-Line Publications
The Longest Road (BattleCorps) December 2004Great Gaffa’s Ghost (BattleCorps) September 2005
Betrayal of Ideals (on-line novel) (BattleCorps) Parts 1-4 October 2006-January 2007
The Heart of Dixie (BattleCorps) 2005
Old Pus Eye (BattleCorps) August 2008
Desertion (BattleCorps) 2008
Abandonment (BattleCorps) 2008
Son of Blake (BattleCorps) 2009
The Loyal Son (BattleCorps) 2010
Desperate Measures (BattleCorps) 2011
Defiant Stand (BattleCrops) 2012

Infantry Against BattleMechs, ”Stardate, Vol. 3 No. 4, Sept. 1987.  Pages 256 and 259
New Avalon Institute of Science, Training Manual Part 1.,Stardate Vol. 3 No. 4, Sept. 1987.  Pages 277-282.
Protomatter.  ”Stardate Vol. 3 No. 4, Sept. 1987.  Pages 284-285.
New Avalon Institute of Science, Training Manual Part 2.,” Stardate Vol. 3 No. 5, Oct. 1987. Pages 320-325
New Avalon Institute of Science, Training Manual Part 3.,” Stardate Vol. 3 No. 6, Nov/Dec. 1987. Pages 439-444
Critical Hits in Starship Combat,” Stardate Vol. 1, No.7, Sept. 1985.  Pages 12-15
Operation Shadowfall, ”Stardate Vol. 1, No. 8.  Oct. 1985. Pages 10-17
The Bribery Gambit, ”Stardate Vol. 3, No. 6.  Nov-Dec. 1987. Pages 433-435
Foodfight:  The Game., ”The Dragon. Vol. V, No. 44. Dec 1980. Pages 40-52
Against Full Auto., ”Action Pursuit Games.  Vol. 1, No. 3. Nov. 1987.  Pages 51-53.
Against the Wall., ”Action Pursuit Games.  Vol. 2, No. 1. Pages 30,31,69,70
The Mobile or Floating Defense., ”Action Pursuit Games.  Vol.2, No. 2.  Pages 44-46
The Smart Way to Buy a Copier., ”The Office.  Vol. 104, No.5. Pages 50-54
The Right Way to Select Word Processing Software., ”The Office Vol. 105 No. 5. May 1987.  Pages 38-49
Selecting the Right Software for the Executive., ”The Office.Vol. 105, No. 11, November 1987.  Pages 138- 141.  (Photo onPage 138)
Dirty Tricks and Sneaky Tactics, Paintball Sports, Contributing Editor, Sept. 1991, Pages 68-72
Michigan's Big One, Paintball Sports, Contributing Editor, February 1990, Page 53
The Urban Version, Paintball Sports, Contributing Editor, January 1990, Pages 32-35
Michigan's Second Annual Big One, Paintball Sports, Contributing Editor, March 1991, Pages 28-32
The Secrets of the Intelligence Gatherer, Paintball Sports, Contributing Editor, October 1989, Pages 19, 20, and 34
Rooms Without a View, Paintball Sports, Contributing Editor, October 1990, Pages 32-34
Taking On Bunkers, Paintball Sports, Contributing Editor, April 1991, Pages 83-85
Retreat, Paintball Sports, Contributing Editor, March 1990, Pages 31-33
Tactics and Strategy -- Leading the Charge, Paintball Sports, Contributing Editor, September 1989, Pages 36-38
Mech, Lone Shark Saga Part III, Volume II, Issue V, Pages 4-8
Mech, Lone Shark Saga Part II, Volume I Issue IV, 1991, Pages 2-3
Mech, Long Shark Saga Part I, Volume I, Issue III, 1991, Pages 2-4
Mech, Lone Shark Saga Part IV, Volume II, Issue VI 1992 Pages 2-9
Mech, Lone Shark Saga Conclusion, Volume II, Issue VII 1992 Pages 4-7
The Keys to Successful Implementation of a Computerized Maintenance Management System, Reliability, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Pages 33-36 July/August 1995
A New Approach for Selecting a CMMS, Maintenance Technology, Vol. 7, No 12.  Pages 21-23, December 1994
Technology Training for CMMS Implementation, Reliability, Vol. 2, Issue 4, Pages 30-32, November/December 1995.
The High Cost of Data Capture for a Computerized Maintenance Management System, Maintenance Technology, Pages 27-29, April 1996.
Nobody’s Victory, The Battle of Bristoe Station, Columbiad Quarterly Review of the War Between the States, Fall 1998, Pages 72-84
Do You Take This Vendor?  Inside Technology Training, June 1998, Pages 18-23
You Don’t Want My Job – Technology Training Management, Inside Technology Training, October 1998, Page 80
Have You Outgrown Your CMMS?  Maintenance Technology, October 1999, Pg 58
The Impact of the Internet on Maintenace Departments, Maintenance Technology, February 1999, Pg. 56
Die Unsichtbare Hand (The Unseen Hand), GDI_Impuls, Summer 1999, Pages 42-46.
Lt. Ivan Roberts, Frank Luke’s Other Wingman.  With Alan Roesler.  Autumn 2010, Pages 196-238. 
Zinn the Searcher, Michigan History Magazine, March/April 2011, Pages 25-30
The OSS’s Unique Humanitarian Mission, The OSS Society Journal, Fall 2011, Page 42-44
Soldiers:  Count Felx Von Luckner, Military Heritage Magazine, December 2013, Pages 8-13.